Where Is USN Sasebo James Jones?

James Jones, a member of the United States Navy went out of his time to help myself, and Mark Ruiz another HS student in Japan get into computers. He gave me my first computer book that was titled something like “The Best Computer Book Ever.”  Outside of my parents and family, he had the single most influence on me getting hooked into the “Matrix.” Mark Ruiz took over where James left off and gave me my first copy of the “Linux Bible” back in 1999. Thanks Mark!

Because of James Jones’ support in those early days, I am able to eat, and eat good from being really, really good with computers.

Unfortunately, he was deployed and we lost contact. This page will be up and stay up until I find him and buy him a beer. Hopefully he googles his name once this gets indexed. For someone like James, a simple post is more than enough.

Thank You Bro. James Jones

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  1. My pleasure. I’m glad to hear you are doing well. Believe it or not, I’m back in Sasebo. Brought my kids back here for school. I also just introduced my son (14) to computer programming in Python. He spends most of his time converting Calculus formulas to Python functions.. he’s starting to get the hang of it. But I’m no programmer.. Network Engineering is my field.. so a little scripting here and there.. but no heavy lifting. I have followed embedded systems programming as sort of a hobby though.. I love that low low code to hardware level.. anyway.. hit me up in email.. I have a favor to ask.. it has to do with remotely mentoring a 14-year old Jones in computer programming.. hint hint..


  2. another thing.. I forgot to mention..
    The guy that got me into Linux was Robert Bolbotowski.. He and I would stay up all night in the public works building trying to get Slackware and X-windows to work. Anyway.. when he and I lost contact some years after Sasebo, I registered “bolbotowski.com” and put a message up for him to get in touch with me. Sort of like this. I guess there’s something about sasebo and linux and people..

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