If you EVER Want to get TI’s SmartRF Board Examples to Work…


Open the samples in IAR studio.
In Workspace window->files select the root of the project
(i.e click on “light_switch – srf05_cc2530” for light_switch project).
Open “project options” (or just click Alt+F7)
Go to the Linker menu->Config (tab)->Linker command file (sub menu)
Ensure that Override default is checked.
Copy the following line to the override default line:
$TOOLKIT_DIR$\config\devices\Texas Instruments\lnk51ew_cc2530F256.xcl
Ensure that the device you have chosen is the device you are actually using.
You can choose the device manually from the opened list once you clicked
on … button. cc2530F256 stands for cc2530 SoC with 256Kb of internal FLASH.

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