Weekend Recap

Got another two police departments reporting online and fixed a bug in the geocoding when multiple possible address matches are returned.

I’m definitely learning a LOT of python and django.  VIM is getting another good look. I’m amazed at how powerful an editor it is. Learning something new about it every day.

Picked up a new data aggregation and visualization project so I’ll be updating you with full source code once it’s completed. #opensourcebaby

Also read a LOT about GIT and GitHub specifically. Really, really amazing stuff.

Running Ubuntu Linux full time at the day job now as well. I’ve been using linux since 1998 so it’s nice to see how far the OS and it’s supporting applications have come since then. I still distinctly remember installing Slackware 1 when it came out on about 5 different CDs.

Here’s a quick desktop screenshot. I’ll put these on the site regularly as a tribute to the many days I spent trying to get Enlightenment to download over a 33.6 Kbps link in Japan LOL

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